Rancid: Honor Is All We Know – Black + yellow vinyl (incl. bonus 7”)

RANCID: HONOR IS ALL WE KNOW - Yellow + black vinyl - 12''

RANCID: HONOR IS ALL WE KNOW - Yellow + black vinyl - 7''

What a disastrous release for collectors! Not only that after pre-ordering months before the release date, one of the colors wasn’t available at all, but also the sheer number of versions that exist. As usual Epitaph has a US and a Euro pressing for that record. Every day new “exclusive” versions sold by some merch store you have probably never heard of somewhere in the world keep popping up.

I decided to go with the 180g vinyl HQ Euro pressings by Epitaph on black and yellow vinyl. Each of them has got a bonus 7” in the same color. I will also try to get it on red and yellow w/ black splatter vinyl, both without the bonus 7” though.

Musically, Rancid doesn’t disappoint on this record. Honor Is All We Know sounds exactly like you expect a Rancid record to sound. If that is something good or bad depends on how much you like Rancid’s music. All in all, it’s a record with no fillers.

Here are some examples:






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