The Real McKenzies: Rats In The Burlap – maroon w/ black smoke + black vinyl

041 - Real-McKenzies-Rats-In-The-Burlap

Every three years or so, the Real McKenzies take a break from their massive touring and go to the studio to record a new album. The outcome this time is Rats In The Burlap. The album is in the tradition of other McKenzies albums. You will hear a lot of bagpipes, traditional songs and fast guitars. For me Up On A Motorbike and Lilacs In The Alleyway are the two stand-out tracks of an otherwise classic Real McKenzies record.

There are two vinyl colors available, the standard black and a translucent maroon with black smoke that looks especially awesome when backlit.

If you know the McKenzies, you won’t be surprised how they sound on their new full length, but you can take a peek if you like:

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