V/A: Home Street Home 12” – white w/ red and black splatter, grey/red swirl + black vinyl

035 - Home-Street-Home-Original-Hits

So here’s Fat Mike’s musical in all its glory now. Glory? Yes, G-L-O-R-Y. First of all, it’s not a punk rock record (although the teaser 7’’ let one expect that). No, it’s a musical, and you can hear that. Nevertheless punk rock fans will love this record, I’m sure. Fat Mike’s ability to write good songs is noticable in each and every track. Also, the lyrics add a lot to the big picture of this record. Sometimes they’re quite serious and tragic when talking about abuse whilst being rather funny when it’s about enjoying life no matter in which situation you are.

Very surprisingly apart from the black standard version, this release also comes in two different colors from Fat Wreck Chords. A very nice white with red and black splatter vinyl and an also not too shabby grey vinyl with clear red swirl. Lucky who ordered two copies. 🙂

Here are two examples of what you can expect from that lovely record:

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