Western Addiction: I’m Not The Man I Thought I Would Be – white w/ red haze + black vinyl

036 - Western-Addiction-I'm-Not-The-Man

Western Addiction is one of Fat’s few hardcore acts. Since the release of the Pines 7’’ a lot of people have been waiting for a new full length. The friendly people at Fat Wreck Chords are shortening the wait by the release of the next 7’’ containing two tracks from the Pines sessions and a demo of Clatter And Hiss, a song which is expected to be on their forthcoming record.

You certainly have to be into hardcore punk to like Western Addiction. The title track reminds a bit of Fight For Your Right from the legendary Beastie Boys which is not too bad. I totally like the female guest vocals part done by Dara Santhai (from the band Serpent Crown) in the title track I’m Not The Man That I Thought I Would Be.

The color choice for the vinyl is excellent. It comes on white vinyl w/ red haze. All in all, you can say the art concept looks like an inverted version of Pines.

If you’ve never heard anything of Western Addiction, check out these two songs from the 7’’ and be stoked for the next release:


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