WIZO: Herrenhandtasche 10” – Green marbled vinyl

WIZO: HERRENHANDTASCHE 10'' - Green marbled vinyl

Thank God, finally this classic WIZO record got a repress and is now available again on vinyl. The vinyl itself is green marbled and looks really great. Usually Hulk Räckorz presses 1,000 copies of each rlease, but this hasn’t yet been confirmed.

Despite UUaarrgh! being their most famous record, I’ve always thought that the Herrenhandtasche EP was the best record WIZO had released up to their hiatus. The lyrics of ‘Quadrat im Kreis’ are simply ingenious (if you speak that language) and the cover version of Poupée de cire is a great rendition of that French chanson.

All the other classic WIZO records are getting are vinyl repress too. Maybe you want to get them all while they are still available. No matter what, even if you pass on the rest you should get the Herrenhandtasche EP.

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