Complete Sets

Glance at A Wilhelm Scream Viny;

What is a complete set?

Good question…, ask 10 people and you’ll get 10 different answers. For me, a complete set must contain all the OFFICIAL pressing colors across all official pressings. Although the word “complete” usually indicates that there is nothing more to add, there might be other variants out there like a copy of the test pressing, a lighter or a darker version of an official color or transition copies that sometimes can be absolutely different to the color intended. In most cases only a handful of those copies exist. In any case, you have to be very lucky to get your hands on one. Sometimes I was whilst other times I wasn’t.

And when I was, the feeling of getting such an elusive copy as a kind of bonus to my already complete set always gives me quite a buzz.


My complete sets, by band and in alphabetical order: