Great Collapse

Elemental E.P. (2015)

Format: 12” EP, 33 rpm
Label: Broken Rim Records
Cat. No.: BR016

In Collection

  • black, #106/110 (w/ white silk-screened B side)
  • white, #170/440 (w/ black silk-screened B side)

Special info: Comes with single-sided lyric sheet. The CD version was self-released by the band in 2014. The record itself is single-sided with a silk-screened B side.

Simple Line

Holy War (2015)

Format: 12” LP, 33 rpm
Label: End Hits Records
Cat. No.: EH015

In Collection

  • white
  • translucent red

Special info: Comes with printed inner sleeve and download code.

Simple Line

Split w/ Threads (2016)

Format: 7” EP, 45 rpm
Label: Broken Rim Records
Cat. No.: BR017

In Collection

  • black, #86/110
  • translucent red/black split, #422/430

Special info: Comes in a folded sleeve with the lyrics printed on the inside, a black inner sleeve and download code.