toyGuitar (2014)

Format: 7” EP, 45 rpm
Label: Adeline Records
Cat. No.: AR061

In Collection

  • white, limited to 300
  • blue, limited to 200
  • lime green

Special info: Initially, there should have been only two colors (300 on white and 200 on lime green exclusively for Interpunk). Most of the lime green pressing got damaged in transit and as the plant were out of lime green vinyl, blue ones were pressed as a replacement instead. An unknown quantity of lime green copies survived and ended up being sold through Interpunk after all.

Lyric sheet (white and lime green) and download code (lime green) are included. The blue version came without either.

Simple Line

In This Mess (2015)

Format: 12” LP, 33 rpm
Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Cat. No.: FAT938-1

In Collection

  • black
  • translucent blue, limited to 306
  • clear w/ multicolor splatter (blue & white), limited to 111
  • clear w/ multicolor splatter (pink, white & blue), limited to 111
  • clear w/ rainbow splatter, limited to 111

Special info: Comes with lyric sheet and download code. There are some different variants of the clear vinyl w/ splatter.

Simple Line

Great Thieves Escape: Split 7” w/ Get Dead, The Uprising and Lost In Society (2015)

Format: 7” EP, 45 rpm
Label: True Trash Records | Flix Records
Cat. No.: TrTr 15.2

In Collection

  • white, limited to 150
  • translucent red, limited to 150
  • purple, limited to 150
  • black w/ lavender screen-printed cover, limited to 77 (exclusive to True Trash Records)
  • black w/ turquoise screen-printed cover, limited to 40 (exclusive to Flix Records)
  • black w/ grey screen-printed cover, limited to 34 (exclusive to True Trash Records)
  • black w/ golden cardboard sleeve, #12/12 (exclusive to True Trash Records)

Special info: All versions come with a download code. The screen-printed versions have a lyric sheet, while it’s printed inside the fold-out sleeve for the colored versions. There were 12 black over-run vinyl copies and True Trash had a golden cardboard sleeve made with a flocked red texture finish on the front cover and a screen-print on the back.

Simple Line

Move Like A Ghost (2016)

Format: 10” EP, 45 rpm
Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Cat. No.: FAT962-1

In Collection

  • black
  • milky clear, limited to 426
  • clear w/ black splatter, limited to 107

Special info: Comes with lyric sheet and download code.

Simple Line

Tremulous Record Release: Split Flexi w/ Western Addiction, The Sorority and Jungle Cat (2017)

Format: 7” flexi, 33 rpm
Label: The Rockery
Cat. No.: –

In Collection

  • black, limited to 150
  • white, limited to 100

Special info: The flexis were sold at the record release show for Western Addiction’s album “Tremulous” on 11th March 2017. The flexis feature one song of each band in the line-up.