Bruises (2014)

Format: 12” LP, 33 rpm
Label: Cyber Tracks
Cat. No.: CT104

In Collection

  • translucent orange w/ blood splatter, limited to 200
  • translucent orange w/ blood splatter w/ signed sleeve, limited to 200 (exclusive to Interpunk)

Special info: The orange vinyl was initially sold exclusively through Interpunk and came with a sleeve signed by all band members. Download code included.

Simple Line

Dying To Exonerate The World (2015)

Format: 12” LP, 33 rpm
Label: Bird Attack Records
Cat. No.: BAR-018

In Collection

  • clear w/ brown, orange & blue splatter, limited to 250
  • black (test pressing), limited to 5

Special info: It’s the first pressing on vinyl of the 2011 album released by Go-Kart Records on CD. Comes with download code. The test pressing comes in a poly-lined white inner sleeve with a sticker by Pirates Press.

Simple Line

Bruises – REISSUE (2020)

Format: 12” LP, 33 rpm
Label: Chase The Glory Records
Cat. No.: CTG012

In Collection

  • fire yellow, limited to 100
  • Blackhawks splatter [red w/ black & white splatter], limited to 100
  • lava splatter [purple w/ orange splatter], limited to 100

Special info: Comes with a lyric sheet and in a black poly-lined white inner sleeve.

Simple Line

Handbook For The Recently Debriefed (2021)

Format: 7” Single, 45 rpm
Label: Thousand Islands Records | SBÄM Records
Cat. No.: TIR-074 | SBAM51

In Collection

  • red w/ light blue splatter, limited to 100
  • yellow/red merged, limited to 100
  • yellow w/ light blue splatter, limited to 100
  • green w/yellow & orange splatter, limited to 100
  • smokey red (test pressing)
  • translucent blue w/ black smoke (test pressing)

Special info: The test pressing comes in a stickered plain white sleeve.