North Alone

Greetings From Someone Else (2014)

Format: 7” Single, 45 rpm
Label: Country Bumpkin Records
Cat. No.: CBR-008

In Collection

  • black, limited to 500

Special info: Comes with download code.

Simple Line

Cure & Disease (2015)

Format: 12” LP, 33 rpm
Label: Country Bumpkin Records
Cat. No.: CBR009

In Collection

  • white, limited to 500

Special info: Download code included.

Simple Line

Rare & Short (2016)

Format: 10” EP, 45 rpm
Label: Mad Drunken Monkey Records
Cat. No.: MDM024

In Collection

  • black, limited to 300

Special info: Comes with lyric sheet and download code.

Simple Line

Next Stop CA (2018)

Format: 12” LP, 33 rpm
Label: Country Bumpkin Records | Mad Drunken Monkey Records
Cat. No.: CBR011 | MDM030

In Collection

  • black, limited to 300
  • orange, limited to 100
  • translucent blue, limited to 100

Special info: Comes with 12” x 8” lyric sheet on thick cardboard and download code. If the black or orange version was ordered through Kings Road Merch Europe it came with an enamel pin. 60 copies of the blue version were available in a bundle with a ticket for the record release shows.