A Wilhelm Scream

A Wilhelm Scream (2009)

Format: 12” EP, 33 rpm
Label: Paper + Plastick
Cat. No.: PP039

In Collection

1st pressing

  • oxblood w/ black swirl, limited to 333

2nd pressing

  • olive w/ black splatter, limited to 333

Special info: Comes in a die-cut gatefold sleeve with lyric sheet. Side B has to be played from the inside out.

Simple Line

Partycrasher (2013)

Format: 12” LP, 33 rpm
Label: No Idea Records
Cat. No.: NIR-330

In Collection

1st pressing:

  • Exploding Shipwreck [gold & white swirl w/ light blue splatter] (exclusive to No Idea Records)
  • Shattered Mast, Shattered Bones [clear w/ blue, white & gold splatter] (exclusive to No Idea Records)
  • Leviathan’s Revenge [grey w/ red & black splatter] (sold at shows and 50 via Poison City Records, Australia)
  • Calm Before The Storm [translucent electric blue w/ white splatter] (exclusive to Hot Topic)
  • Blood In The Water [translucent royal blue w/ translucent red swirl]
  • Stormy Seas [blue w/ silver swirl]
  • black (test pressing), limited to 20

2nd pressing (2013):

  • Sailor Take Warning [cyan blue w/ magenta swirl], limited to 600 (exclusive to No Idea Records)
  • Silver Chain [silver], limited to 300 (exclusively sold through German distros)
  • Quest For Gold [gold], limited to 300 (exclusive to Effervescence Records, France)

Special info: According to No Idea Records, there were somewhere between 525 and 600 copies made of each of the variants of the 1st pressing. All versions come with a single-sided lyric sheet and download code. The test pressing comes in a plain white sleeve with artist, album title and catalog number handwritten on it.

Simple Line

Career Suicide … 10 Years Later (2017)

Format: 2 x 12” LP, 33 rpm
Label: Panic State Records
Cat. No.: PSR036

In Collection

  • Sox color (red vinyl w/ white swirl & blue splatter), limited to 400

Special info: Comes in a gatefold cover with printed inner sleeves and download code.