Chris Cresswell: One Week Record – Spring green + black vinyl

Chris Cresswell: One Week Record - Spring green + black vinyl

After last year’s epic Flatliners record “Dead Language” I was more than stoked to get the first solo release by Chris Cresswell. That was followed by mild disappointment when I heard that I would be put out on One Week Records, Joey Cape’s digital only label. Luckily, Fat decided to put out the record on vinyl too. Naturally I grabbed a copy.

And it does deliver hard. The album starts off as a high quality acoustic release by a great song writer. “Meet Me In The Shade” and “Daggers” (Flatliners track) set the bar very high which the record struggles to maintain throughout. But that doesn’t mean that it’s downhill from there or getting boring. Far from it, it’s simply not as good as those two first songs. Every now and then there’s another great track that shows Chris’ enormous talent for songwriting.

The only real criminal issue though is that the track list on the back doesn’t correspond with the music on the record. How did that happen? Who knows…

The vinyl itself is opaque spring green, limited to 388 copies. Wait! Green again? Fat seems to have a faible for green records lately when the artwork is black & white (see Swingin’ Utters: Here, Under Protest & Get Dead: Bad News). But hey, it’s a decent color and, after all, the music is great.

So, go ahead and get yourself a copy. If you don’t believe me, listen to “Meet Me In The Shade” first, and then buy it anyway.

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