Boysetsfire: After The Eulogy – Translucent red

Boysetsfire: After The Eulogy - Translucent red

Musically, Boysetsfire is definitely amongst the more unusual bands in my collection. It’s one of the few post-hardcore bands that I enjoy listening to. I got into them through what I consider to be their best album so far, After The Eulogy, it includes some of my favorite BSF songs like Rookie or My Life In The Knife Trade.

I once owned most of the variants BSF have released of this album, but stupidly sold all of them except one. Now I’m trying to purchase them back again, which is quite difficult given that prices have gone through the roof. This one is the translucent red first pressing from 2000 on Victory Records, limited to 1,013 copies. I got it for a decent price and it is in great shape. Well, not as fantastic as the music, but still great.

If you’ve never heard anything from Boysetsfire, just listen to Rookie:

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