The Mighty Mighty Bosstones: Question The Answers (Reissue) – red/yellow split vinyl


Usually I do not list any reissues or represses in the new arrivals section unless they are something special. In this case I gladly make an exception. I recently got a copy of the reissue of the legendary Bosstones record ‘Question The Answers‘ on red/yellow split vinyl. From a total of 3,000 records pressed for RSD 2015, 100 copies on red/yellow split vinyl were peppered into the larger distribution press of 2,900 blue copies by Asbestos Records. For a record collector, golden tickets or lucky dibs are pretty much a nightmare, however if you beat those odds and manage to lay your hand on one it is the proverbial dream come true. Cheesy as this may sound, we all been there. So keep your eyes peeled, it is totally worth it.

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